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    Steve’s Good CBD OG Wax Girlscout


    Steve’s Good CBD OG Wax

    Get 30% off as from 50g and above

    Minimum order 5 grams

    Cost / g $29.99 (1g)
    CBD Potency: 85% CBD
    Extract Type: Broad-Spectrum
    Flavor(s): Blueberry OG, Watermelon OG, Pineapple Express, & more

    Cbd wax (Steve’s Goods Girl Scout Cookies CBD Shatter) is simply 95% pure CBD and 5% terpenes, that’s all you need for a nice couch-lock effect with a bag of chips. There’s 0% THC, so it’s completely non-psychoactive. Made from US farmed Colorado hemp, this sweet and tasty Girl Scout Cookies strain is one of the most popular on the market, crossing OG Kush (Indica-dominant hybrid) and Durban Poison (Sativa). This particular CBD Shatter is Steve’s Goods “signature” product, infusing a 2x more powerful full-spectrum Terpene profile into the formula! So, be careful if you’re on the lighter-side of tolerances, because this CBD Shatter may just lock you to the couch, with an incredible appetite for chips, while feeling waves of joy and euphoria. Used by itself, you may experience tremendous therapeutic benefits, but it can also be mixed with a little THC Shatter to produce an even stronger “entourage” effect.

    CBDfx Wax Concentrated Dabs is one of the best CBD wax on the market. Created with dabbers in mind, it’s made from quality organic hemp oil and has 30% of pure CBD per gram. Its ultra-potent concentrate offers 300mg of full-spectrum CBD oil with 20 servings per jar.

    It also has amino acids and terpenes. It isn’t too sticky, so you can easily pack it into dab pens. These dabs contain the legal amount of THC (<0.3), and it’s priced at $50, which I think is pretty reasonable.

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    Getting The Most From Steve’s Goods CBD Shatter

    This Girl Scout Cookies CBD Shatter is extracted from the Industrial Hemp plant, using an ethanol extraction method. With the look of crystal rock, it’s CBD in concentrated form with a unique sweet, earthy and pungent aroma created from the infused terpene profile. Due to its solid nature, this CBD Shatter is very easy to work with, just break off a little chunk and use it in your favorite vaping device, e-nail or dab-rig. To achieve the best outcome, it’s best to consume using a method where you can keep the temperature controlled at a low level. All of our Concentrate Vaporizer products are great options for consuming this delicious Girl Scout Cookies CBD Shatter.

    Girl Scout Cookies CBD Characteristics


    This particular CBD Shatter is packed with a full-spectrum Terpene base, which is about double the number of Terpenes found in Steve’s Goods other CBD Shatters! This is the Cadillac of the Steve’s Good CBD Shatters, and will exhibit a strong Indica effect, so ease your way into using this one. Potential benefits range from happiness and euphoria (not the psychoactive kind), increased appetite, full body relaxation, creativity, strong pain relief, and more.


    This strain is a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison, both Indica-leaning strains.


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